150+ projects for over 100 clients

We have experience building everything from marketing websites to B2B SaaS to IoT infrastructure for scrappy startups, growing businesses, and enterprise orgs.

Our history

For over 14 years we scaled a boutique software agency from a solopreneurship to an onshore powerhouse. We worked on projects small and large and learned firsthand the pain of poor technology planning and execution.

As frameworks, ecosystems, and society changed, our approach to client services stopped working for us. The business struggled, and we made the difficult decision to shut down the agency. But from the ashes we found a better way to service our clients through deeper partnerships rooted in their success, not ours.

Now we partner with founders and growing businesses to build and lead their product and technology roadmap. From research and market validation through product development and into scaling. Our secret sauce is derived from the first-hand experience we have building so many solutions for so many different organizations.

We can help you bring additional strength and experience to your leadership team, so that you can reach the stratosphere faster and with less hard lessons along the way 🚀


Our brands

Drivey App mockup

Manage all of your cloud storage in one powerful app.
Now available on the web, as a Chrome extension, or as an Edge plugin.

Screengrabs of Oversight App

Unify your project data and make smarter decisions for your organization.
Built for agencies, professional service companies, and large technology organizations, Oversight is an AI-powered data suite that provides active monitoring, alerting, and recommendations to monitor your business success.

Keep projects on-track. Prevent burnout. Monitor employee productivity. Forecast budgets. Highlight problem clients/projects.

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Tragic Media was a US-based software development agency that Rich and Todd built and ran for over 14 years.