Flexible engagements to maximize success

We partner with our clients in an iterative, scalable manner that is built around their needs and goals.

Our approach


Understand the current state of your business / product, and determine where we can add value


Establish goals and determine sprint velocity


Dig in deeper, conduct research, and establish a roadmap


Build a team, use yours, or execute ourselves


Iterate, oversee, and meet regularly to adjust the plan as it unfolds

When we help you build a team, we help you vet and negotiate the resources needed from our extensive network. No markups or added costs.

Your success is our success.

What we do

We work closely with founders and growing businesses to help lead their most audacious business, product, and technology initiatives. We can be hands-on, work with internal teams, or can build and lead a team of external resources.

Fractional leadership

We fill in the leadership gaps on your existing team: Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief AI Officer, Chief Sales Officer

Technology strategy

Research, roadmapping, and management of execution are the cornerstones of our process when developing a business' technology strategy.

Product development

From UX / UI to software development to customer research and refinement of product-market fit. We help augment and lead the ares of your product development that need it most.

AI strategy and implementation

Looking to leverage the latest LLM or ML technologies? We have helped a multitude of business to harness the growing power of AI for their products, employees, and customers. We can help you leverage the latest solutions in the fast-paced world of AI.

Cloud ops

Building a solid cloud infrastructure requires a careful balance of cost, scale, and security. Whether you are a new founder or a scaling organization, we can help you build or maintain solid cloud architecture.

Business development

We support founders with business development strategies including customer research, product-market alignment, and network growth.

What we don't do

Mark up resources

We help you find the best teams / resources to support your product development or business growth. We don't mark up resources.


Your success is our success. We want to help you build and scale the best product at the lowest cost possible. We don't have incentive to build unnecessary features or infrastructure.

Replace your team

Our goal is to augment your team with strong leadership and additional expertise to fill in the gaps and support existing founders. We are not trying to replace existing founders, or push resources to replace any existing team members.