Fractional services vs Agency services

We have sold both, learn why we believe in the fractional model more.

Why Fractional

Experienced leadership on your terms

Ongoing support with experienced leaders to help push your business, product, and/or technology to new heights. Fractional leaders work on your terms, with your processes, and with your team.

Transparent services

Unlike agencies, fractional leaders are transparent with their work. You can be as involved in the roadmap execution as you see fit. And whether we are working with your existing team, helping you build a team, or working with outside contractors; we provide leadership focused on helping you make the best decisions for your business; not ours.

Maximize success while minimizing costs

Fractional leaders don't need to markup additional resources, or sell resources that you don't need. If you need outside help, we will help you to find the best talent and negotiate the best rates. Your savings, is our success.

Avoid the turnover

Agencies are hard to run. Keeping consistent staff members not only employed, but consistently dedicated to your projects is a big challenge. When turnover does happen with external resources, you are informed of the turnover and you retain the excellent leadership and avoid knowledge loss on your project.

Your success is our success

Fractional leaders aren't just looking to sell projects, we want to help your business succeed. Our sucess is in helping your business to cut costs, increase customers, and grow.

Why Not Agencies

Their success is not necessarily your success

Agencies succeed by landing new deals, selling resources at high rates, and sometimes by cutting corners. That doesn't mean they don't do great work, but their goal is not to maximize your success while minimizing your costs.

Limited resources

Any good agency has a solid staff, supplemented by a bench of contractors. This makes them stay within specific project and technology guidelines to be able to keep everyone at max capacity. This limits their ability to solve all of your problems effectively, and with your best interests in mind. They are always going to sell solutions that align with their existing resource expertise.

Difficulty scaling

An agency is limited by their staff and contractors. Team members are dedicated to specific clients / projects, so quickly increasing resources is limited by their available resources.

They lock you in

An agency's goal is to keep their staff as billable as possible. They want big projects and long-term contracts. It is not in their best interest to work iteratively, change engagement structures, or pause work due to the fact that they need to plan and manage their resource load.